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Samsung Galaxy S II X

My Galaxy S II X will randomly reboot itself, also if I try to turn on/lock my screen it will turn off. it vibrates constantly while off. I've taken the battery out, plugged it in with no battery and it still vibrates. Anyone facing this issue?

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Phone is gone wonky. If it's under warranty, you can go to a Kiosk to send it away for repair, send it in the mail for a replacement phone or for $25, receive a replacemenet phone within 3-5 business days. Same model for replacement.
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How long did you have this phone? It seems like it's broken now. You can either get a replacement if it's under warranty with Koodo. Otherwise, you will probably have to purchase a new device.
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John Lee wrote:

How long did you have this phone? It seems like it's broken now. You can either get a replacement...

Uh, it's not physically broken. It sounds more like software issues than anything, which is covered by warranty.
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Try doing a factory reset. Also never plug the phone in with no battery in it man that is not a good idea at all.
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Hasan, you might want to check if a recently installed app may have caused the problem. Remove the app and see if the problem persists. If that doesn't resolve the problem, a factory reset is your next step. There isn't enough power to run the S2x on the battery charger alone, the phone will vibrate alerting you that there is no battery present.
Thanks for the reply. After up to 80% charge battery, then I downloaded and scanned ESET app to remove suspicious/malware or whatever, it works fine.
After update the "Samsung Push Service" app, it's no longer to be in trouble anymore. Thank God. 😃