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Samsung galaxy note 2 application defaults

I have a samsung galaxy note 2, I'm trying to figure out how to change the default applications. I want to us google music as the default instead of the standard stock application.

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Go into settings -> applications and then find your current music player, open it and select "clear defaults". Now go to open google music and it should prompt you to choose whether or not it will be your new default music player
I'm assuming you mean application manager? Clear defaults is greyed out for my current player, what should i do?
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If it's third party, go into application manager and uninstall it. Then pick a piece of music and you should get the prompt to choose an app and use it just once or make it the default. Re-install the current app afterwards from Google Play if you want.
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Try this: Delete google music, and then re-install it. Go to "My files" and locate a song and open it. At that point you should be prompted with which application to open it with and to also set that application as default, choose google music at that point.