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Samsung Galaxy lll : emergency calls only or no service ..and other weird things

My phone is acting weird. I've notice a couple of things since I got it.Now it is saying emergency calls only or no service.I called *611..and the wait time isabout 25 mminutes. My car hasn't been working well..and I really need my phone. I found my receipt but the phone service at Wal-Mart closes in over one hour z!! This phone is a new Samsung Galaxy lll ..my bill is not due

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Hmmm so you can call 611 from your phone? If that is the case, you should be connected to Koodo. Can you send text messages and/or use data? Can you receive calls? What plan are you on?
I called *611 and left a message. I also called a landline and it rang. I called the neighbour next door on his landline and mobile number. ( both rang and I got voicemail) I did text someone but not sure if they got it. (I really Need more people I can communicate with!?! I did get a call back from Koodoo. When I answered the call the keypad moves.Anyway he couldnt see a system problem. He had me remove and put back in the SIM card and the battery (i was scared to...haha!) He also had me disconnect from wifi and go on googlem..which I could!so I guess thatsdata..and here wuld be data too..would it not? The Koodoo rep said I shoild take the phone back where I got it...I may have a lemon. I'm on the $65 plan 3gb.Although I ve been using more wifi this week.
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Yeah I would def take your phone back to where u bought it and explain to them what's happening. Hopefully it all works out for you.
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Before you take it back, I'd recommend performing a factory reset.

Settings... Backup and reset

This will erase everything on your phone and reinitialize the operating system.

You may want to backup any photos or documents you have saved on the phone before this. Btw you can always text yourself to see if it works.
I went to Wal-Mart where I bought the phone .Of course it wouldnt do the same thing in the store. It may be because I turned it..but it did go blankets Then it did it again outside the store. Some employeestold me to take a pphoto with my flip phone..which I did and will go back.
My phone is still showing emergency calls only and/or no service. I have now taken a couple pictures with my flip phone. I went once and it didn't do it.I went back another time but there wireless phone rep wasn't there.I guess they don't work the same hours as Wal-Mart is open.I 'll have to go back again.Thankfully I have photos. Thanks Jackie