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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Problems.

Hello fellow Koodo customers. I was wondering if by any chance anyone had some insight to some of the major issues I am having on this device. Now first an for most the major issue I receive a warning that my SIM Card is not detected at the most random times. Aka this would mean I do not have access to my mobile network. It asks to restart everytime. Any ideas ? Should I try powering off an removing an placing SIM Card back ? Also I'm so curious as too why after owning this phone for over a month now that it seems that the battery life has been cut in half ? One more issue I'm having is that the Grand Prime or the Koodo network sounds like your talking to someone under water after 15 minutes of conversation. I've contacted Koodo about either replacing the phone or getting warranty they said it would be two weeks before I would receive my old.phone back an they would lend me a loaner. And if it is a defective issue with the phone they will replace it. Also I've had issues charging now the phone it disconnects an connects when ever moved Thank you in Advance 😉

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If its under warranty I would replace it if your having these major problems. As for battery life. That could just be a user thing or having apps running in the background. As for trying to reboot the sim, take it out. Reboot the phone and then re install the SIM. That may work. The poor reception isn't something that happens frequently among other users so it could just be a defective unit with all the problems your having at the same time. If I was you, I would consider the warranty option. Best of luck.
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I would also replace the sim
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"Battery life has been cut in half" and "issues charging now, the phone disconnects and connects when ever moved ", are possible signs that the charging port on the phone may have sustained damage. If there's excessive play or wiggle when plugging the micro USB cable into the phones' charging port, or the battery charges intermittently/disconnects when the phone is moved, the phones' charging port could be damaged. In most cases, damage to the phones' charging port is not covered by the manufacturers warranty. http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/before-you-purchase/what-is-your-warranty-and-repair-policy You can ship the phone to Koodo and get an estimate for repair or shop around and compare repair costs. A local cell phone repair shop might be worth considering. They might be able to repair the phone faster and at a lesser cost.