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Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 from koodo. Now my question is, Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch (SM-V7000ZKAXAR) compatible with my phone? I did a little searching around and can only find that it's compatible with the following S4's. Nothing for us canadians? Samsung Galaxy S 4 for Sprint, SPH-L720 Samsung Galaxy S 4 for US Cellular, SCH-R970

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May I also say I'm looking to purchase it online not sure if I'm allowed to provide the website so. It's newegg canada and in their description they only referring to US S4's.
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Hi there, We cannot guarantee that the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch will be compatible with your Galaxy S4. Some services may be unavailable. For more help, we would recommend to contact directly Samsung Support (http://koo.do/1bIuhsD). With the Serial Number of your Galaxy S4, they should be able to confirm this information. Thanks ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Unless your phone meets the requirements for Koodo's frequencies, it won't be able to be used.
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I was told if by Samsung support today that if it's running android 4.3 will be compatible.