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Samsung Galaxy Aceiix constant shut down

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx (for 2 years) and recently (about 2-3 weeks) it keeps constantly shutting down. I want to fix/upgrade it or keep service on hold from koodo for a few months until i can replace it. Is there a solution to this problem (i already tried taking out the battery) or a way to upgrade my phone with a tab balance?

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How much tab you have left? You can upgrade your phone any time. Just pay off your current tab balance and you can start a fresh tab with a new phone.
about a hundred,the tab balance cant be transferred over right? And is there a way to keep my koodo service on hold for like a month or two until i get another phone?
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What phone are you looking at? Phones like Moto G, Samsung Galaxy S3 are $150. So if you pay off your tab balance of $100 +tax, you pay $0 upfront and put $150 on the Tab S for those phone. There is a "seasonal hold plan" for $15/mo if you are leaving country. But this count as plan change, so you will need to pick a new plan when you come back. You can NOT get your old plan back if you have a grandfathered plan. So I wouldn't recommend to do it.