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Samsung Galaxy Ace won't receive picture messages?

My Galaxy Ace won't send or receive picture messages. It's included in my plan, and I've tried turning my data on. Nothing works! Help!

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Try turning your wifi off /on when you want to send or get a message. It's a bug with that phone.
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Hi Sarah... Check if your settings are the same as the ones shown on this link http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo-step-3-c.shtml If they are, the data as you said must be on to send/receive those PIC messages, if this still does not work, you can always call TECH support and they will be happy to assist you troubleshooting with you. And what Chad said it is true, you may experience some issues with sms, the workaround is, when your sms failed, try resending them with the DATA OFF or connected to wifi. You may try to download DATA ENABLER to make your life easier turning on/off your data, install that widget in the homescreen and by tapping you will enable/disable data.
Yes, they are the same. I've called tech support to no avail. Thanks for trying to help though! If I ever get it to work, would I be able to download any picture messages that I had received prior to getting it to work? And I have 3G Watchdog, which does essentially the same thing, I believe.