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samsung galaxy ace unregistered sim

I wanna know why my phone is not working since like a week?? 😞

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Hey Ally, Here's what to try, Goto settings, wireless and networks, mobile network, Uncheck "Use 2g only" or "use gsm only". Koodo doesn't support these modes. Also be sure under the same area make sure you're network selection is set to automatic. Let me know if that helps
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Go to Settings...Wireless and Networks...Mobile Networks...is use Only 2g checked?
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Hi Ally, is your phone working now? Keep us updated! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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If all fails, you can try to do a battery reset which is taking out your battery, sim card, etc. and then waiting for about 1 minute and then putting it back and turning on the device. This reset usually fixes some bugs.