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samsung galaxy ace lagging

How do I stop my phone from lagging? It also says I have full internal storage and I only have 2 games on my phone. I love my phone but it needs to stop lagging.

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Hi there... I suggest you to do a clean up to begin... Then you may buy a SD card and transfer all the apps, photos and music to the SD card to free the internal memory... And once on a while you may power cycle your phone to help it perform better... ( I have the S II X and I reset it twice a month more or less)
it may also be that like a computer your phone has cookies or cache that u have to empty once and a while u go in to app manager and go all and go thru them one by one and delete cache and make sure it said cache or u will delete all the saved data for the app
Try downloading android assistant app from google play its a free app and you can clean your cache in one click and free up the actual Ram (memory)of the phone which makes it run faster hope that helps
Download the cleanmaster app to help clear cache and memory.