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Samsung Galaxy Ace II x Rapid Battery Loss.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace II x (GT-S7560M) that I bought last August. Recently, it has started losing battery power very quickly. I don't use the phone very often; I usually check it once or twice a day, and the rest of the time it stays dormant. It used to be that I could get seven days out of the battery before it would die with this much use. But recently, the charge will last three days at the most. For example, the other night, the phone had a charge of 52% when I went to bed, and had a charge of 30% when I woke up eight hours later. I had bought this phone when I went away to school, and used it occasionally during the day, getting about 3-4 days out of the battery, however, now that my semester has ended, I am not using it much anymore. When the semester had just ended in April, as mentioned above, the battery would last a week, but since then, the life of the battery has gotten shorter after each charge (I charge the battery only when it is 20% or lower). If anyone could shed some light on this, it would be very much appreciated. I understand that 2-3 days par for the course for the battery life of most smartphones, but given that I’m barely using it, and that it lasted much longer in the past, I find this peculiar. Thanks in advance.

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A few possibilities; Your battery is dying, although they can be recharged, they don't last forever. So a new battery might be in order and can be Ordered inexpensively from eBay. You've got an app in your phone that is munching your battery. Check settings...battery for a list of what's feasting on your electrons You've moved to a low signal area. This would cause the phone to constantly search for a better more reliable signal. You've got a weak wifi connection An or all of these things could be happening.
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Make sure you turn off the phone every once in a while to reset battery drain/usage. Also turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, background data, auto-sync, etc. to preserve it further. Batteries generally last 2 years before they stop holding charges but that could be the case; it could be time for a new battery. I think you can pick up an OEM battery off Amazon for cheap.
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Jonathan I wrote:

Make sure you turn off the phone every once in a while to reset battery drain/usage. Also turn...

Well said sir.
Thank you for your prompt replies. BT, and Data are constantly disabled, but I will disable Wi-Fi. My battery usage is 52% Android OS and the rest is divided between system idle, and various background processes, which would suggest the OS is somehow draining my battery. I always have full bars for reception/Wi-Fi, so I doubt that is the problem, though now that I know that can be an issue, I will keep an eye on that for future reference. By process of elimination from what you two are saying, it sounds likely that my battery is, in fact, dying on me. I will get in contact with the retailer I bought it from. I have a warranty, so a new battery may be covered for me. Especially considering it's only been nine months. A friend of mine bought the exact same phone at the exact same time as I did, and after talking to him, he doesn't seem to be having these problems.