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Samsung Galaxy Ace II "Sleep of death"

I am having an issue with my samsung galaxy ace II phone. It is defective and is portraying the "Sleep of death" symptoms which is a known manufacturer defect with this product. Basically, my phone keeps turning off on itself. It will not stay on at all unless constantly plugged in, and even then it will turn off randomly, which makes it very hard to be able to call Koodo Customer support. Is this the right place to be addressing the issue, or is there an other way I should be contacting Koodo Customer support? This is my only phone line available to me at my home so I cannot make a phone call by an other line at present.

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Will maybe your software simple take koodo if it under warranty thay will repair it for free notes if you do os plseses be careful may come back as same thing Like allway koodo should look in to this problem is not far wen people spend there money what thay worked os hard to get plseses koodo look in to this ever time there is a problem? ?
Yes, I have had this problem for a couple of months now. Unfortunately I have been very ill so have not been able to look into it sooner. I hope that Koodo can do something as well, since it -is- a known manufacturer defect that has plagued quite a lot of these phones.
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Try getting a new battery off Amazon or eBay. See if that fixes the issue. Also try a different charger and wall outlet. If it's under a year old and it's not physical or water damage (broken charging port is considered physical damage) then you can request warranty servicing by visiting a Koodo shop.
I have already tested the battery theory to no avail unfortunately, and I have quite a handful of chargers at my disposal which have all been tried as well. So unfortunately I have already attempted those two tests. As for how long I have had the phone, I have been trying to find that information on my self-serve page of Koodo but am having difficulty. I am worried that I might be a little over a year at this point because I have been sort of "dealing" with the issue for a while due to my illness and inability to go down to a Koodo store. I do know that the severity of the issue has increased over time. At first it just froze and turned off randomly a couple times near the time of purchase, and had trouble connecting to wifi, though I do have a wifi plan and everything. It seemed to have cleared up on it's own for a while though so I forgot about it. Which brings me to mmore presently to where it started to turn off first three times a day or so, then easily 20. It got to the point of not being able to be left on at all unless constantly plugged into a charger, so essentially, it turned into a plugged in house phone for me. Now over the past couple days it has started to turn off even when plugged in. Which on it's own is unacceptable, but for me being ill, I need access to my phone for doctor appointments and the such. It is because of this new issue of the phone turning off even when plugged that I can no longer wait until better before dealing with this issue (whether that be replacement or purchase of new phone at this point). If anyone knows anything that might be helpful to solve this issue I would be very appreciative. But from what I understand from other people who have had the same issues with the galaxy ace, is that this is a hardware defect and so the only way to really solve the problem is to replace it.
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Ashee Signer wrote:

I have already tested the battery theory to no avail unfortunately, and I have quite a handful of...

That last sentence is correct. I know you mentioned this is your only phone but is there someone that can let you use thier phone to call Koodo? The agent would be able to go over all options available to you based on what they see on the account for a new phone. Since we cannot access your account here, that would be an option.
Yes, I have family members that I can see, and will be seeing in the near future. I am just trying to gather all information possible to try to deal with this issue. I would prefer to deal with it on my own, though I see that this appears to be impossible. Hehe... Right now I just want to make sure I try everything possible out there before I finally get in contact with Koodo, so as to hopefully save a couple hours of troubleshooting over the phone. Plus, I was sort of hoping for some kind of a fix, even a band-aid type half fix to just make my phone just a little more functional until able to fix the issue properly.
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Ashee Signer wrote:

Yes, I have family members that I can see, and will be seeing in the near future. I am just tryin...

Have you done a factory reset? I would check warranty. If covered, maybe see if a new battery can be sent out.
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Give a look at those threads : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1721730 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1215566 And keep us updated
Factory reset does not work, period. I push the buttons and hold them down like you are supposed to until the Gs.. ect.. shows up, but it never does. It just flashes between a pure black screen and a lit black screen. I will be looking into if I am covered or not as soon as I can get my hands on a phone that is not mine, since mine dies randomly which would greatly hinder a customer service call with Koodo. Thanks for the forum links, I will check them out!
I found those forum pages a little confusing to keep up with and did not understand most of it... I did get that other people are having this problem too. What is bothering me is that when I searched as well, all of the posts I found were around 2011 as well, it is not 2014. One would have to hope that this issue would be fixed by now. Perhaps it is a little different from this SOD, although the symptoms are all the same. If you understood the forum and are willing to clear it up for me in a more simple term of english so that I might understand, I would be grateful though!
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Ashee Signer wrote:

I found those forum pages a little confusing to keep up with and did not understand most of it......

This only means the phone is outadated and people don't use it that much. Therefore, there are no more NEW posts about this. Plus, I'll read them and come back with some English words! EDIT : Have you tried running your phone without the SD card? EDIT 2 : What about closing wifi? Some people reported that it may be caused by this when the wifi is out of range (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1191262)
Wifi, I tested in full, trying both keeping it on all of the time as well as keeping it off all of the time. I have not tried the SD card though... I will try that now! Won't take me long to know if the phone is still crashing or not without it~
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From my experience with the Ace model its not a very good phone.
I can tell you right off the bat that turning my phone back on, although it did have to be plugged into a charger to turn on, did go on easier than before removing the SD card. I have gotten used to attempting to turn the device on a minimum of four times before it would actually get past the GTS...(ect) screen and begin to turn on. So that is exciting, sort of. The battery does say that it is at 96% so I will try removing the plug now that it is actually on and see if it remains on. It would certainly make me rather happy if this works.
And no luck without the charger at all and this time around it took multiple tries to get the phone to turned on even when plugged in. I don't think it really fixed anything in the end, oh well. 😞