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Samsung Galaxy Ace II Battery Death

So I've had my Samsung Galaxy Ace II for about a year and a half. Recently I noticed that it started dying super quickly, and it was never like this before. Now in the last few days it will be at anywhere from 20-90% and suddenly just shut off. I'll try to turn it back on and sometimes it won't and other times it will but immediately dies again. Does anyone know if I can get a new battery at the koodo kiosk and maybe an estimate of a price? Thanks !

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Koodo doesn't sell the battery for the Ace II. You'll have to buy it online from eBay, amazon, kijiji, etc. Since its a very old phone in terms of tech industry standards, you probably won't find the battery being sold by retailers.
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Hi Teri-lynn I would recommend Amazon.ca since you can see previous reviews. Be careful with third-party batteries as some of them don't go through rigorous quality control to ensure performance and safety. Hope this helps. Peter