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Samsung Galaxy Ace Doesn't Turn On, Want to Upgrade to iPhone 4s

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace HSPA Smartphone, the plan Canada-Wide Talk + Text 25 Dbl, and a tab balance of -87.53. In the last few weeks, I noticed that something was wrong with my phone. Not only was it much slower than usual, but my phone would randomly turn off without me clicking the power button. Today my phone won't even turn on at all. I was hoping to upgrade my phone this Christmas anyways, but now I need to upgrade it as soon as possible (I rely on my phone for work purposes). I have two questions: (1) Do I get any form of compensation/credit/discount because my phone stopped working? (2) I would ideally like to upgrade to an iPhone 4s. What is the best deal that I can get if I upgrade?

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Your "discount" would be the tab, which helps with the retail price. Beyond this, no. Your negative tab balance would need to be paid out(at the store or on your next bill) then you will have the full amount of your tab to use. You could also upgrade your tab size to Tab M to get up to $300 off your choice of device, however this would require you to have a rate plan of at least $30.
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I'm not aware of any discount but if it's been under a year without any physical damage, you can get your phone repaired. For the iphone 4s, I recommend tab M, however you will need a plan Of $30 or more to qualify for tab M. If you want to keep your current 25 plan, you'll need to use tab S. (also you need to pay off your tab before you upgrade)
Ok, thank you for your replies!
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Ashley Harms-Wiebe wrote:

Ok, thank you for your replies!

No problem 🙂