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Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has been announced

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As some of you may know, Samsung has announced that availability of the new entry-level Galaxy Ace 3 is imminent. It is a nice upgrade over the current Ace2X and adresses the current problem with the current A2X, which is its single core processor. The Ace3 comes with a 1GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 and 1GB of RAM, which should give it comparable performance to the current Galaxy S II X (the S2X has a higher-clocked, but older-gen processor), but at a much cheaper price, probably priced like the Ace2X. I think this phone would fit very well in Koodo's lineup and is priced to sell. It's performance is likely to be honest too (i.e. not frustrating), so I think it's a winner. Thoughts? Alternatives? Should I just go hide in a corner in a fetal position? P.S.: Koodo, bring us something from HTC too!

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Good idea! Maybe replace the Ace with the Ace2X, and replace the Ace2X with the Ace 3. Also something new from HTC would be really cool
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Hopefully we get it at launch, so we could replace some of our aging smartphones like the galaxy ace first gen or LG L3
I am so sick of the galaxy Ace line, nothing but problems. I will not buy any more Ace line phones, and would love HTC to be added to the current phone lineup.
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Jennifer Tewnion wrote:

I am so sick of the galaxy Ace line, nothing but problems. I will not buy any more Ace line phone...

Jennifer, don't put them all in the same basket. I remember the Chevy Cavalier. They now have the Cruze. Same family of cars, but really nothing else in common. I'd drive a Cruze no problem, but I wouldn't drive a Cavalier if it was given to me. The Ace2X's problem is not that's a bad phone per se, it's simply too underpowered for people's nowadays expectations. There is no way to squeeze GalaxyS3's level of performance out of a $150 device. Just wait and see! If Koodo ever releases it, you might just be pleasantly surprised!