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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 X randomly shutting off???

  • 12 February 2015
  • 8 replies

So I have read many different sites about this issue, and I have tried all the fixes mentioned. Factory restore, turn off Wi-Fi shut of power saving etc. last night I fully charged the phone and then watch a full movie for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Not an issue. Stay playing perfect for the whole movie. it killed the battery in the end yes. So is this proof the phone is in fact faulty or no?

8 replies

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My first step would be to perform a factory reset of the phone (back up any data first as this removes everything from the phone and lets you start from scratch. If the problem persists, then yes, there's probably a hardware problem.
My Ace2X did the same thing. I replaced the battery and the problem was still there.
Mine is doing the same thing. Any solutions out there, besides a new phone?
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I'm not gonna beat around the bush, guys. Please, for your sanity, buy a new phone. The Ace II X was a poorly executed budget phone. The Moto G, Lumia 635, and Galaxy Core are all far better inexpensive phones.
I did already buy a new phone. Galaxy Core. Great phone for the price!
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I've never had the issue mentioned here with my Ace 2x, in fact I gave it away and it's still being used to this day. I did replace the battery last year though. I'm with Jonathan on this one. While I can write about how to wipe the cache partition or reload the factory firmware, there's still the possibility that the problem may resurface. I can personally vouch for both the Moto G and Lumia 635 as two affordable and reliable devices that won't disappoint.
Mine the same thing Glaxaxy Ace 2x, shuts down randomly. I should have learned after my first Ace did this 2 weeks into it. This one has been 2 years. I was on the old tab system and finally owe 0 and 2 months later it's doing this. If I have to buy a new phone I assume i have to now start a brand new tab...
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Mine the same thing Glaxaxy Ace 2x, shuts down randomly. I should have learned after my first Ace...Hi D.M.

I think you'd be better off recycling the Ace 2x and looking for an upgrade. I can instruct you to hard reset the phone and that may work for a day, a week or a month, but I think you want a phone that you can rely on. If you're in the market for a new phone, the Moto G 3rd Gen, might be a phone worth looking into if you're not one for all the bells and whistles, but still want a powerful and reliable phone for everyday use.

If using the Moto G 3rd Gen for example, you have the option of either starting a new tab, where you pay a monthly tab charge, ($7/mo. $0 down). Or choose the SIM Only option where you pay full price for the phone, no tab needed. You can keep your existing plan or upgrade to a new one, your choice. I suggested Motorola, but if you prefer Samsung, check out Koodo's full phone line up, (link below).

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