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Samsung galaxy ace 2 won't send messages

I have done a factory reset and took out the SD card and the Battery for 20-25 seconds and my phone still won't send/recieve messages can someone help me? Thanks

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Make sure you have 3g enabled and that your phone is not set to 2g only or gsm only. If the issue still remains and your tab is low or paid off I suggest upgrading to a moto g! It will give you much less frustration than the ace 2
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Are you able to place/receive calls? Have you tried resetting the APN to default? Have you tried removing the SIM? Have you tried the SIM in another Koodo phone (if you have one)?
Yes I can place calls, and I did the APN thing and still nothing and I took out the SIM card, put it back in and nothing I tried to send a message but it says 'failed' and I do have another koodo phone but it doesn't work.
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Do you have a fixed amount of text messages you can send out? Put your phone into airplane mode for 1 minute. then take it out of airplane mode.