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samsung galaxy ace 2 doesn't read mini sd card .. what can i do to fix this ?

i have always had problems with the mini sd card in my phone .. i've had to format it because the phone always said error with my card .. i've lost lots of pictures and stuff.. now my phone doesn't even see the card and when i plugged it in my computer, it can no longer read it either.. i really dont want to loose even more pictures... is there any way to solve this ?? any help would be greatly appreciated

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If even the computer won't read it, it sounds like a defective card.
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Is it a SanDisk? If so. SanDisk cards have alot of problems. I am using the exact phone to send this to you right now.. and have to say I have never had a problem with the sd card. I don't own a SanDisk card. Cause I have heard bad reviews about them