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samsung battery drain

I have a Samsung galaxy s3 that I bought back in July. Awhile ago, I was having some issue with the battery, but once I let it fully drain and then recharge, it seemed ok. Yesterday, my battery dropped to 50% within a minute of unplugging it. This morning, my battery went from fully charged to zero and shutting down within one minute while still plugged in. Help please! I haven't had my phone that long. What can I do?

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Is the battery swollen? Take it out and inspect it, if it looks/feels swollen then you definitely have a battery issue.

The best thing to try first though is backing up your phone and resetting it. You can sync everything to your Google account or you can use a program like Kies as well.

If after resetting it it's still doing the weird drains then find yourself a new battery. A lot of electronics retailers should stock them or you can go on like Amazon and find them pretty cheap.

I'm sure some of the other guys here might have some other tricks or tips for this issue. They'll chime in quickly too!

Hope this helps!
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SoUnds like your battery is finished, but you're under warranty , contact Koodo to start warranty service or just buy a new battery from eBay or Amazon.