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Samsung Ace USB connection problem

Problem with Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i. When I got the phone and was using Windows XP, I had frequent problems connecting to my computer. I reinstalled Kies, and the USB drivers probably more than a dozen times. I recently upgraded to Windows 7. The problem has gotten far worse. Now, instead of there being frequent problems that I get taken care of after an hour or two, I usually go to bed without a solution. I turn USB debugging off and on, plug and unplug the phone, try different ports. I reboot the phone and PC. I reinstall the drivers. Usually, these don't solve the problem. SOMETIMES one of them does solve the problem. I've replaced Kies with Freemake for video conversion. It seems to be more reliable.

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I'll be honest with you, you're better off replacing your phone. The Ace is quite a piece of junk these days and the Ace II X is barely an improvement. I try to be more forgiving of cheaper devices but after having a Moto G, it has completely redefined what a budget phone is.
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The ace is a terrible model that should have been discontinued quite some time ago.
Replacing the phone because of software problems is not an option. The phone has been good, other than rare random reboots. It's kind of slow, but I don't require much of a phone. I don't use it for internet access, except at home on WIFI. I don't blame the phone for the connection problems-before, that always seemed like a PC problem.
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Phones can actually slow down I wouldn't be surprised if it has slowed down more from what it was when you purchased it. Technology unfortunately isn't made to last.