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Samsung Ace battery draining at lightening speed

Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and for the past week the battery has drained extremely quickly - often within minutes of it being unplugged from the charger if I'm making a phone call or using wireless. When I plug it back it, the phone indicates that the battery is fully or nearly charged, but the same thing keeps happening. If I attempt to turn the phone on without plugging it in after it's died, it goes a bit haywire (flashing screens). Is this a phone problem, or a battery problem? I'd really like to avoid getting a new phone so soon - I've had this one for less than two years.

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It's hard to say what the problem actually is. Even though you've had it less than two years it's still an older phone. I really want to say the battery is finished but the screen thing makes me think something is wrong with the phone. Or both! Honestly you could pickup a preowned phone from eBay or kijiji or even Koodo for less than the cost of repairing this old phone. Actually a new phone would cost less. If you've had it almost two years you probably have some positive tab built up that you could use towards maybe a Lumia 520 or the Ace IIX . Log in to self serve to see the options available to you. In my opinion, it's time to upgrade. Oh and you might even be able to trade in your old phone for some credit. Not much, but it is a possibility.
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One thing you could instantly check is if you have a "fat" battery. My brother's Galaxy Note had this a couple of weeks ago. Just pull the battery and feel it with your fingers, look at it from a side view to see if it looks pregnant, or you can try to spin it on a flat surface, which a flat battery shouldn't be able to do. If it's "fat", it's toast, and continuing to use it may harm your device if it starts to leak.