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Samsung Ace 2 camera lens and SD card problem

2 questions: 1. Can the camera lens on a Samsung Ace 2 be replaced? Mine is scratched. If you've had it repaired before, what was the approximate cost? 2. I bought an SD card for the camera and the other day it just stopped working. Is this common with the phone, or is it more likely the card? Both the phone and the card are 3 months old; the card is a Nexxtech. TIA!

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It can be replaced though since it's physical damage it will be at your expense. Does the card work on your PC or in another device?
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Unfortunately, I can't comment on the lens repair. I'm leaning more toward the SD card malfunctioning or that it may have reached it's storage limit. One way to test this is to try to access the SD card through your computer. If you're using a WIndows-based PC, connect the Ace 2x via USB cable and wait (takes a few seconds) for your computer to detect the Ace 2x. An Autoplay window should appear. Click on: 'Open device to view files'. This will show both Phone and Card, if the SD card is working properly. At this point, it would be a good idea to copy all the info off the SD card and onto your computer, you may not get another chance to do so. Create a new folder on your computer's desktop, call it SD Card for example. Double-click on Card and select everything that appears in that window, right click and select copy, then right-click again and paste the contents of the Card into your newly created SD Card folder. If you don't see the Card option and only see the Phone, then the card is likely defective.
Thanks! I'm glad to hear that the lens can be replaced. I don't mind paying for it at all. I tried connecting the phone to the computer but the SD card didn't show up so I guess I'll have to pick up a new one. Is it common for these things to malfunction within a few months? When they send out the phone for repairs, how does a loaner phone work? (will they forward my phone number to the new loaner number? do they pop in my sim card so I have access to my contacts?)