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Samsung A8, 2018 keeps dropping my outgoing calls midway while on hold waiting to speak to someone

  • 22 February 2019
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I recently bought this new Samsung A8, 2018 phone through Koodo's online deal. My plan in B.C. Canada has unlimited call minute, text with 10 G of data. Theres always updates on something, last one being Feb 5 & I see current system is Android 8, Samsung experience 9. Even though my charge is full, whenever I make outgoing calls to businesses or government that put you on hold for long time to speak to someone, my phone keeps disconnecting my calls & shutting down midway while waiting on hold. Doesn't matter if I use speakerphone or not. Then I have to keep starting over losing my place in line, not getting to speak to someone. So Beyond Frustrating as I Need to Get Through. Also, I don't like how phone shuts down so quickly into lock mode. My prior Moto phones with Koodo plans never did this. ( I have Unlimited Wifi Plan with Shaw.) Help?? Thankyou.

Best answer by Dennis 22 February 2019, 21:49

Also did this happen before your Feb 5 update?
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2 replies

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I think there are 2 different issues there.

-The issue with turning off, you could go to Settings >> Display >> Sreen timeout set to higher number of your choice.

- The issue with losing signal on hold is a difficult thing to pin point. Did it happen to other lengthy calls? what was the average minutes that you had to wait before it cut you out?

The A8 is a capable phone with VoLTE and VoWifi function. Have you tried to activate VoWi-Fi on your phone and VoLTE? https://www.koodomobile.com/help/wifi-calling

Also, did you see you had the add-on VoLTE Access add-on in your account online?. Normally it would be automatically added when you tried to activate wifi calling. VoLTE might help to increase the reliability of the voicecall.
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Also did this happen before your Feb 5 update?