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Samsung A5 Apperantlly a U.S PHONE

I got a samsung A5 from a koodo store a couple of months ago i broke the screen and when i tried to go get a new screen repair they toold me ithe phone is from us was wondering why i would get a us phone in a canadaian koodo store

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It's possible that Samsung US fulfilled the supply for that model for Canadian carriers that wanted it, or that the Repair centres for that phone are only in the US.
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Do you not have proof of purchase from the Koodo shop?
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Hey Mahamadou,

The Samsung A5 has been purchased from us, however, physical damage is not covered under the standard manufacturer's warranty. Please note that we only only assist to facilitate the standard manufacturer's warranty. Since you did not add our Phone Protection when you originally purchased the phone, you may contact the manufacturer directly for assistance with an out of warranty repair or eventually a third-party repair service.

Thank you!