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Samsung A5 2017 - VoLTE

  • 25 November 2018
  • 6 replies

Technical support told me twice that VoLTE is working on the Samsung A5 2017 since August 2018. I have Koodo VoLTE Access under Add-ons in Self Serve but it's still not working. My phone is from Koodo. Is there something else I'm missing?

6 replies

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How did you know it wasn't working? did it switch to 3G when you called? the A5 supports VoLTE but not VoWiFi, as in their specs. I would also suggest you to try to update it to the latest software if there was any.
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Is the VoLTE activated on your phone?
Yes it's always going from LTE to 3G when I make or receive a call. Unfortunately I just saw on their help page that the A5 2017 is not listed as VoLTE enabled with Koodo so they probably confused it with the Samsung A8.

I discovered a way to replace some system files to make VoLTE work on the A5 2017. I need VoLTE while on the phone because the Internet is very slow for me in 3G.

There are two files in the folder device/system:

And the files that are under device/system/csc

Can someone with the Samsung A8 from Koodo could please share these files?
I have that phone but where are those files and how do I share them?
Thank you but I already managed to get VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling working on my A5 2017. It looks like we can't send private messages here.