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Safely unlocking Koodo Android phone for US or overseas

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Before taking the plunge, make sure your phone will work in your new home base: http://www.worldtimezone.com/gsm.html If your particular PHONE does not support the new carrier’s frequencies, you are wasting your money, and Koodo will be under no obligation to help you. The good news is that most upscale GSM phones will cover just about all the frequencies used worldwide, regardless of service provider, but it’s up to you to research. Truth of the matter is, it’s much cheaper for major mfgrs to put in a universal radio and just “unlock” the frequencies a particular provider needs than to produce a completely different radio for each retailer. Remove the battery and look at the mfgr sticker to get the exact model/serial no. and then the specs off the mfgr web site. If you are planning to re-use the phone with Koodo afterwards, buy the unlock code from Koodo, so that they will feel some onus on making it work on their network again. Third party purchase will leave Koodo under no obligation WHATSOEVER to help you, but you CAN go that route if you know the risks and want to save a few bucks. Be very wary of spam and quick buck artists who know that their phony merchandise will only be detected once you are in a foreign country and may have no way of proving the original order was from you at home. Koodo will have a record of selling you the phone and an unlock code so they will have at least one dog in the hunt. Most of the Youtube videos on how to unlock are only advertising to point you to a commercial site. The instructions are usually valid, but skip over the middle part that tells you how to get the code and just use the one Koodo gave you Take note of the APN values in the Mobile networks => other networks menu. You may have to re-instate them on your return to Canada. In any event, they are listed on the Koodo site. UNLOCKING only happens when you obtain a valid SIM from your NEW provider and can connect in the NEW COVERAGE area. Turn off the phone, remove the battery and the Koodo SIM. Keep it in a safe place. Insert the new SIM, replace the battery and start up the phone. You will get a message asking you for the unlock code, the one that Koodo sold you. Key it in and you should be on the new provider’s network. To get data working, you may have to check the new provider’s site to create some new APN values. Easier to set up a NEW APN so that you don’t overwrite Koodo’s. Click on the + sign at the top right corner. May also have to call new provider since data is blocked by default for many of them. Sorry for the SHOUTING, but many people feel they can order up a SIM before leaving on vacation and unlock their phone before leaving, and wonder why it doesn’t work. Just providing the "benefit" of my experience, especially considering the level of support some foreign help lines will provide. ____________________ If you see an idea or reply you like, please give it a star

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