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s7 edge order keep my telus number

if i order s7 edge online do i bring it in to your guys to get it set up when it arrives. im currently with telus and would like to switch over as long as my number can stay the same.

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It's very simple to port your number from telus to koodo. Usually takes just a moment to do. You can do it right over the phone. Just need a koodo Sim.
Okay thanks. Another question, the koodo tab plus for the edge 7 is $500 for the phone and you still have to pay an extra 21 bucks a month on top of your plan?
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Yes! You're correct.
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Robert wrote:

Yes! You're correct.

And you must choose a tab plus plan.
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Hey Coldy! Just to add-on, you will receive instructions once you order the phone with how you can port your number over to Koodo on your self-serve account.  You'll need to keep your Telus account active until then, and not place any cancellation request.  Hope this helps!