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s5 update

When do.you plan on giving us 5.0 ?, curious so I know when to reinstall stock ROM

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Koodo will not comment on update time frames just incase of unforeseen circumstances. Keep in mind that 5.0 Lollipop just began to roll out to the international model yesterday and is not available on any carrier at the present time so it will still be a little while. Your best bet is to keep an eye on Samsung Canada's Facebook page as they usually announce Canadian updates to their products on there as well as possible twitter.
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Just a general time frame you should look at Feb-ish at the earliest, as international gets them first, then eventually it gets to Canada
Thank.you .. I have 5.0 for 900f but don't want to flash it , there is prob some software difference that won't work with 900w8
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You probably don't want to flash that on your 900w8 , might brick it, check XDA they are extremely helpful on these stuff 🙂
Yea I'm running alliance from there now and that's for 900f .. But works on 900w8 as well .. But the 5.0 is the official from samm mobile .. Iv had xda's 5.0 but to many flaws .
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It will probably take a little while yet as once it starts getting released for international models, Telus usually starts their testing process to make sure that it works well with they phones and everything. Once its passed then we will get it.
Do you know if I unroot and flash back to stock if I will.get ota update