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S5 data icon

After lollipop update my data icon from the notification bar is gone. I want to get it back. I tried all possible ways but in vain. Is it only with koodo S5 phones or all have same issue. Kindly guide me.

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Restart your device.

Are you connected to Wifi? Turn wifi off. Did the indicator for data show? Normal

Is your data enabled?

Settings... More networks.. Mobile network... Network data

Is your Apn selected to Koodo.sp?
Settings ...More networks... Mobile network...Access point names?

Is a data limit set?
Settings... Data usage... Mobile limit (unchecked)

Please kindly try all of the above and comment below. I patiently await your response.

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Please reply if you tried my suggestions above thanks
All above settings are in effect, there is no data control icon like WiFi and Bluetooth etc.
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Be sure data limit is not checked

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I never saw the Mobile Data switch icon on my Note 4's version of Touchwiz and that was pre lollipop too. Maybe they took it off for some reason.
Is any way to get that icon back
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Ah I see where I've misinterpreted your problem. Duh 😛 Nope my S5 also doesn't have that toggle but you can download widgets from the play store that accomplish the same thing