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s4 problems

Been having problems with s4 phone. Battery is dying much too quickly. Was always questionably bad but today, after a full charge, it's down to 22% after an hour. Power saving mode is always on. Also, my SD cards keep getting corrupted. Phone is about 3 months old. What can I do?

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Wow that fast, do you use 4g lte? or do anything else that drains battery very quickly. It could be a discharged battery, see if you can get a replacement.
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Hello Nick, It may be caused by your external SD Card. Wat if we try removing the SD card and see what happens?
4g lte is available but I am on wifi more often than not.
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1. Back up your contacts, media, etc 2. Perform a factory Reset. After you install all apps and restore media & contacts. Wait until battery reaches its minimum and power it off and charge the battery for up to 8 hours to complete a full battery charge. (While phone is off) Samsung confirmed having some issues. Read → http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/513540/20131014/samsung-galaxy-s4-battery-swelling-issue-plagues.htm However, I don't think your phone has a swelling issue.. obviously. but there was some other battery issues going on. but the steps provides should solve it. (I had the same issue).
I will try. FYI I'm on my second SD card. my first got corrupted somehow and the same happened to my second but now seems ok after a reformat.