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S4 not receiving texts

Anyone know why my S4 is sending messages but not receiving them? I've turned my phone off several times and took the battery out but still nothing.

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Did you remove the SIM too & wait 5minutes? Are you able to place & receive calls? Did you purchase it from Koodo? If not, did you make sure you set the proper APN?
Yes I removed the SIM a few times and nothing worked. I purchased the phone at the Future Shop and I'm sorry I'm not sure on what APN is? 😕
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Follow this for the APN settings--> http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo-step-3-c.shtml It'll be slightly different way to get there on the S4 but hopefully you can find your way.
I factory reset my phone and that still didn't work until after another 2 hours! Then the messages started pouring in lol. Not sure what was wrong or what happened but it seems to be okay again. Thanks