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S4 mini from rogers (unlocked) keeps dropping off network.

My wife got an s4 mini from a friend (Rogers) and factory reset it and unlocked it. Originally she had her old sim chopped to fit the micro sim and it worked for about 30 mins and then I tried calling her and got voice mail. It has been a few months now and she has gotten a new sim now and still the phone drops off the network at random. I don't know what to do anymore.

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First, "chopping" a SIM card to make it work is a bad idea and I'm surprised it worked at all for a few minutes. Is the new SIM card a proper micro one? When dropping off the network does this happen in certain locations more than others?
Ya the new Sim is from koodo and fits the phone. Drops seem to be random. Also it never reconnects unless I force it to.
I turned to GSM and CDMA only so no LTE and boom the no network icon disappeared right away and so far so good. Seems to be working as it should.