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S4 features !?

What applications are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4's Smart Scroll/Stay and the air gestures? I know the internet app that comes pre-loaded on the phone is compatible versus the Google Chrome which wasn't working the last time I checked. Also most popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. aren't (at least on my phone) compatible with these particular features. Any word on when this will change?

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This link will give you some hints on what Samsung Galzy S4 can do http://www.goodgearguide.com.au/review/mobile_phones/samsung/galaxy_s4/456432
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smart stay works all the time. smart scroll only works with the stock (samsung) browser air view works with the stock browser (as a magnification tool) and flip board and any other app that the developers of the app have made a feature in their app to work with it. stock browser and flip board are the only ones I've come across. This will only change if other developers make the feature compatible with their app.