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S4 Deals for Exisiting Customers

Double the Tab on the Galaxy S4 for Existing Customers; or offer a Subsidy on a 3 year contract with a voice and data plan of 45$ or more

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A "double" Tab kind of already exists with Virgin - they offer a $150 Tab on Silver plans (Talk + Text starting at $20/month with pay per use data) and a $300 Tab on Gold plans (starting at $35/month, data attached). The problem with having a higher tab like that is it takes way too long to pay off and it becomes more expensive to upgrade/cancel in the long run so it's not worth it to save some extra bucks. If Koodo makes 3 year plans for the S4, expect them to be as bad as the iPhone ones. If you're going to do a 3 year subsidy then you may as well go with one of the big 3 - Koodo only does it for iPhones because they're required to by Apple.