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I want to ask what koodo shop still have the s4 here in edmonton. I asked in onw store the guy said that he thinks all of the koodo shops are sold out . Can you tell me where can I still buy it? Tnx

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Your best option would be to call each location and ask them if they have stock as Koodo can't do that for you http://koodomobile.com/en/on/storelocator.shtml
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Chances are you won't be able to find it for a couple weeks as actual Samsung stock is extremely limited right now. They're saying that stock levels should be up to a normal level in 2-3 weeks. So basically if you do find one hurry up and grab it.
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A Koodo store in Medicine Hat sold out in a matter of hours, I suggest buying it on the telus website
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Please go to your nearest Mobile Shop in Edmonton. We're located inside Superstores, Loblaws, Zerhs, etc. if you need locations, ask, and I will find them for you. Ask them to look around the inventory for the S4. 2 stores within my district (I'm in Ontario - North) have 2 in stock for Koodo. Shipping out of our district is sometimes tough to swallow... so what I'm willing to try is request a transfer from one of those stores and then I will be willing to ship out from my store to one of the Edmonton Mobile Shops. Can you do that for me? I can give you my kiosk #, if need be.