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s3 i747m update when

S3 i747m when is the update coming sence so many bugs in this phone apps install twice cant remove apps that installed already from hard reset and still has data/ wifi probs along with camera app sucks necus 4 cam apps way better ether you update this phone ir replace it with better one

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Have you checked settings...about phone...system updates....check now? I think there was an update recently if memory serve me correctly.
Yes on 4.3 jellybean all updated did hard resets turned off redownload setting so I can setvall mine manualy ectm...... I know how to flash update too but theres nothing compatible that I can find that grt rid these dam adds too and facebook messenger all blocked only send reciev open still uses up 1mb every 2-3 messages on data com on 50mb that rate not worth half a month alot dont have sms just wifi fb so its a main
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It's hard to read posts without punctuation like this so frustrating please try to write more legibly so we can help you I hope you know that Koodo doesn't make the software on the phone; they simply provide the cellular service. It's not up to them if Samsung will provide the update; they'll simply push it through their network. If it's under one year old you can try sending out for warranty repair; some of that stuff doesn't sound normal like installing apps twice and data/WiFi problem... however, a bunch of apps aren't eligible to be removed unless you root/rom (which sounds like you might know how to do). I think you're better off replacing the phone if it's beyond the one year mark.
Yes no how to but thers nothing to root update it too this phone sucks so dam mych and it cam from kodoo not 2 months ago Another thing power cord has short cant even move the phone with out it bat plug warning going off If you can give some info what firmwares compatible with phone id try them sence getting so sick s3 want to smash it
Yay got update today 4.4.2 yay cam usefull again wish didn't have apps installed that are not for this phone and the chaton app dont work cant connect though im online data seems be working better too witch is nice