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S 2 X problems

I have had my phone since November 11. Almost two weeks ago i sent my phone in to get fixed and I got it back a couple of days ago. My phone is still acting up and freezing all the time. I don't know what to do with it and I don't have the money to buy a new one. What should I do?

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Ooh sorry to hear that, Courtnee! Did you have to pay for the repair or was it part of the warranty? If the latter is the case, I'm sure you can have it repaired again... I hope so!
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Hi there Courtnee... I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your phone, I have the same phone and so far it works fine... Some recommendations... Do a clean up on your phone, erase all those apps, games, and stuff you don't need; get yourself a SD card and all your music, photos, etc save them there to free your internal memory; also I recommend you to restart your phone once in a while (let's say twice a month) by using the power button and then on the menu that pops you choose restart... Also go once in a while to Task Manager and under RAM, clear the ram to close those apps on the background using your memory... I hope this helps, let us know what the response from your phone was...
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Also make sure your closing apps and don't have a touch of them open all the time. Press and hold the home button down, when a list of apps pops up flick each one to the left or right, when an app disappears off the list it is actually being closed. Until you do this the app is still actually running in the background. Also Does it freeze up on a certain app or game mostly? try deleting that app or game, not all apps/games play nice with all phones. A good way to find the culprit us to do a factory reset and start with a blank slate, then add an app and try the phone for a bit then add another and try it again, don't just throw a whole bunch off apps back on right away. You'll be able to narrow it down fairly quick.
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i had one of those phones and it did the same thing i tried all of the remedies people said and they did not worki think the s2x is a 50 50 phoneit works for 50 percent of the peoplei recently got a note 2 and it is amazingi did get a bad sim card after start and was a little concernedhope you have solved your problem