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Rooting the phone Galaxy SII X ?

Hello, is it possible to root the Galaxy SII X specifically? I am not sure if there is a specific version that allows me to root my device, so I was just wondering about it. Rikkster, I know you have knowledge and if you read this post please reply it! 🙂 Thanks

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I believe the Samsung Galaxy SII X can be rooted...? (Not that knowledgable about Androids).
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Yes it can You can search the xda forums. There's a kit you can download that includes Odin and super one click as well as directions. It's really simple. Look for instructions for the T989 Hercules. It's the T-Mobile variant that's identical to our unit.
So Chad, is one of these the version you were talking about? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1514434 http://androidforums.com/galaxy-s2-t-mobile-all-things-root/467128-telus-galaxy-s2-t989d-ultimate-root-optimization-guide-steps.html Thanks,
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Yann wrote:

So Chad, is one of these the version you were talking about? http://forum.xda-developers.com/sho...

Ya I used the top one. Do yourself a favor and read all of the instructions before you begin.
Hey Yann, Were you able to root your phone? Still like to know if it is possible. Want to learn building apps and use rooted apps like screen capture. I did not use the above method or links, I went to a different site and used a t-mobile version, when it was loaded, the mobile carrier Koodo was not recognized.it wanted T-mobile carrier, so I reverted back to Koodo firmware. My phone is still not rooted, but at least I have updated with with the new jelly bean os and back to Koodo firmware.
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There's no need to root your S2x to use screen capture, pressing and holding both the Power button and Home softkey for a few seconds captures the screen image. XDA Developers is your go to resource for all things rooted. Apps that require root like No Bloatware and SetCPU might be of interest to you as well. Don't forget to install a custom recovery TWRP or CWM, if you haven't done so already. http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s2-tmobile http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s2-tmobile/development
Hi Rikkster, Yeah, thanks, I just found that out on another thread, I had tried that a while ago and I was trying to press both buttons at the same time and got no result. Until I tried harder, by pressing the power button slightly ahead of the home button. And thanks for the links. Most helpful. Team Win Recovery Project
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jasperguy wrote:

Hi Rikkster, Yeah, thanks, I just found that out on another thread, I had tried that a while a...

You're welcome.
found the best video for rooting and success on sgh-t989d hercules, jelly bean, http://youtu.be/l5GXBtMri3o

Totally possible to be done on the S2X. I still have my old one kicking around rooted and flashed with Cyanogen Mod 10.2. Going to donate it to my best friend eventually (once I get my apps backed up and sent over to my Note2) Forgot to mention, if you are looking to switch to Cyanogen Mod, you would want to go through these forums (http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/forum/371-samsung-galaxy-s-ii-i9100-i777-hercules/) as the S2X is basically similar to the US models they cover. And you would need to do the switch manually, as the Cyanogen Mod Installer doesn't support that phone.