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Rollover data/minutes with new plan

I'm on the pre-paid plan, and I want to change my plan and boosters before my next bill date. Will I still be able to keep my rollover data/minutes from this month if I change my plan?

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You can change your plan before the next bill date if you want, but you won't receive any type of credit for the old base plan and you'll pay the full amount for the new base plan. For boosters however, you can't 'change' them but you can add to them (add more boosters).
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Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but AFAIK. having used both prepaid and post-paid.

If you have a post-paid plan, and change from Plan A to Plan B half way thru the month, your bill is for 1/2 A + 1/2 B, as long as you did not incur any overage. Otherwise, adjustments will be made, and the math is in the vendor's favour: you will pay for overages during any partial period, and receive no credit for partial unused time or data.

On pre-paid, you have 2 tracks going at once: the baseplan plus the boosters. You can change your base plan any time, but as Ahmad said, whatever you had left on the old base plan is toast. So to minimize this loss, the best time to switch is probably the day before your baseplan expires.

Your boosters (extra minutes, etc) carry over until you cancel the baseplan entirely, simply by not paying. According to other posts I have read here, your booster will be intact for up to 90 days before it evaporates, so if you are going on vacation for a month, stop topping up your baseplan until you get back, and your entire account will be intact, although you will have no service during the non-payment period.

If you go unpaid beyond the 90-day limit, you are essentially starting all over again, and have to buy a new SIM.