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Rogers Email Settings for Samsung Galaxy Ace II X

I am trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy Ace ii x to my Rogers.com email. The incoming messages work find but can't seem to get the outgoing messages to work. Been googling for the past two hours with no luck finding a solution that seems to work. Any suggestions? Besides going back to a rotary phone!!!

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Normally if the email server for Rogers.com using POP, then the outgoing email should be smtp.server name.com
Tried that one. Doesn't work either. My incoming works of pop.broadband.rogers.com. Unfortunately, the outgoing SMTP doesn't like that address.
Try smtp.telus.com for outgoing email server since you'd be connected to Koodo(Telus') network
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Normally you can only use a service providers outgoing service if you are on their network. Having a open free for all outgoing server just breeds spam. My suggestion is to use gmail's outgoing server (this assumes you have a gmail acct, since you have an android device you more than likely do) or use Rogers webmail server. http://email.about.com/od/accessinggmail/f/Gmail_SMTP_Settings.htm
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http://www.rogers.com/web/content/emaildownload?setLanguage=en&asc_refid=smtp And you will have the same issues with a rotary phone 😛