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Roaming not working

I traveled to a few different counties in March and my koodo sim would not connect to the local carriers although the koodo website said it should work in those counties. Airplane mode was off. Data roaming was on. All the settings were set correctly but the sim would not connect to any APN. It would find the local carriers but it would not connect. I checked and I have the international roaming added on already. A factory reset on the phone was done and it didn't help. How would I fix this?

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Hello there,

Have you added the free international roaming package from self serve? If you are not in the USA, you require the free International voice add-on be active on your account to connect to other carriers. If you didn't add them prior to your departure, add them (click here to know how) and then turn airplane mode on for 30 seconds and off.

Wish you a wonderful vacation!
The package was already added on and the problems still happened. Thanks for the reply