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Roaming from Canada to the US and addon confusion

  • 9 November 2015
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I'm on a trip to the states from canada right now. Before boarding my plane, I sent the text 3ALL to 4545 to purchase a roaming addon for 3 days, and I've received a confirmation message saying that the addon is active.

Upon arrival to the states however, I got a message saying that I do not have a roaming addon, and was prompted to purchase one.

I'm now wondering what is going on, and if this is normal behavior. If it isn't, how should I go about having this resolved?

2 replies

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If you got the text confirming the purchase, then I wouldn't worry about it and would use my phone within the add-on limits. If you are charged, you have the text to show it was added and Koodo is never an ass about things like this. The message when you entered the states is most likely a default one sent to everyone and can't actually identify whether or not you have an add-on
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Hey Mathieu, your roaming package has indeed been added. The text your received on landing says that "[b]if you don't have a US roaming add-on" what the rates are. Enjoy your trip!