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Roaming digital garble noise

I am visiting Houston Texas and have added a roaming package to my phone. I can text and surf the web but I cant make phone calls. It dials and the other phone rings but all I hear is garbles digital noise.

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Re-start (power cycle) your phone. Retry. Can you call another local number successfully? Try any pizza joint or retailer. I have found that sometimes VoIP (Vonage, etc) don't like to play nice with mobile.
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I'm going to assume you have a Galaxy s2x This unit doesn't play well when it's Roaming and there are only two solutions. The hard solution involves rooting the device and flashing the T-Mobile radio. The easy and temporary solution is to turn it off and remove the battery and sim card for a full minute then reinstall all that and turn it back on.. There's nothing else really you can do for it. It's a quirk of the T989D