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Roaming - Data will not connect

I have an S4. I am currently travelling and added on the travel plan. For the first couple of weeks, the data would turn on when I checked the box to turn it on (I leave the data roaming box checked as well). For the past week and a half, the phone will only connect to the basic network (for phone calls and text). There is an R above the bars, not the normal LTE that shows that data is connected. I'm in a fairly dangerous country by myself and I am quite displeased with the lack of customer service from koodo. Uber is the only safe form of transportation and I am only able to connect if I find WIFI, making me feel very unsafe. 

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Koodo has to rely on local providers for roaming to work. Some countries have very poor coverage outside of major cities.

If the phone connects to basic voice & txt service, it's not likely Koodo's fault, and your plan is obviously working.

Where are you travelling? Maybe someone in the community has exerience with your locale.
I am in Peru in a major city. Data worked here on my phone 2 weeks ago. It just suddenly stopped. It still works on my classmates phones. 
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Hi Bridget! I saw that your email was answered by our Email Team. Are you able to use your data correctly now? 
Hi Daniel,

I followed the instructions in the email and the data still will not connect. However, I am flying back to Canada tonight. I am hoping that upon my return, the data will automatically start working on the Koodo network. In the event that it is not a roaming issue and it is an issue with the phone not connecting to data, what should my next steps be? Is there a help center in Toronto?

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Drop into a Koodo store. They should at least be able to check your SIM and phone with working store equipment to help you identify your problem. If it's the SIM, get a new one and your problem is solved.