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Roaming charges rocket & when you call & ask to speak to a manager.....nothing,time to take my 3 lines elsewhere..

Rip off

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25 mins still waiting Koodo,you clearly do not value my custom

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Hi Andrew, what do you mean roaming charges rocket exactly? Also what do you mean you ask to talk to a manager and nothing? You need to explain a little more for us to help you out.
Hello Paul,
I did get a reply after 32 mins & the person sorted out a rate for me,still a lot more than i paid last year but i think he did his best & was very polite .The original point remains as to why the roaming to the US has rocketed ? shame really as i have been with koodo for a number of years  - why do companies try & charge so much to loyal customers (3 lines & i pay on time ) ?
have a good xmas & thanks for your reply