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Right time to buy Galaxy S8?

I am looking for Galaxy s8, I'm leaning towards tab medium because that way I can keep my plan as it is +$15, Do you guys have any idea when are the prices for s8 are expected to drop and how much? Right now it's $634 with meduim tab. Is now the right time to buy s8 or should I wait more?

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The S8 is still pretty new.  Right now is the most expensive it will be.

It is unclear when Koodo or other providers will have sales or activation/upgrade bonuses.  They sort of happen when ever the carriers feel like it.

I would keep an eye on the website and buy when you see a $50-150 activation bonus.
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Hi Harry,
Due to competitive reasons, Koodo does not release future discounts. The best way would be to follow Koodo in Facebook and Twitter. I would even follow Samsung, sometimes they come up with free.gifts with purchase. So far they have done a VR and last month, a speaker.
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Depends on what you consider to be the right time. It's new and shiny. If you're willing to pay new price then go for it. If you'd rather sit for a deal either take advantage of the ones Samsung puts up for accessories or sales or when Koodo puts it on sale but expect that to take a little while.
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If you can wait, back to school is in a couple months, and then a few months after that will be Black Friday. Then prices will drop substantially (Koodo will likely offer generous activation credits). Future promotions are never guaranteed, but we've seen trends to know when are better times to acquire phones.