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Returning Phone over the 15 day grace period

I have a MotoG phone and have had it for a couple of months and it dials numbers to people, I did not want to call. I accidently hit my work number and I try to hang up, and it would not hang up. Thank goodness it was a Sunday and no one answered accept the answering machine, so I had to shut the phone down completely to end the call, I am going to return it today, and will I have any problem returning it, as its over the 15 days return period.

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They will simply not take it back Laura, unless it's sent in for repairs under warranty, which will be decided by the rep/manager at the kiosk. In any case, the phone is yours no matter what, whether it's out of warranty, repaired under warranty or exchanged for another phone of the same model. Ypu'll still end up with a MotoG in your hands. Another option is to buy out your current Tab and start fresh with a new one with another phone.
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I don't have any issues with my Moto G and I've had one since it came out. It's a workhorse and has excellent battery life. If you got the answering machine that shouldn't affect the ability to end the call or turn the screen on/off with the power button. Or maybe your hand was too close to the proximity sensor. Like David said, you can't return it. You can send it out for repair if you truly believe something's wrong but that's about it. No other phone has the performance/price ratio like the Moto G does (so far, in my experience).
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This was a known issue with the initial Android Kitkat update. Make sure your phone OS is up to date. If the problem still occurs please see the last post in this thread http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/have_you_encountered_problems_with_android_phone_after_upgrading_to_kit_kat
Thank you all for the replies, I took it in to Koodo and they are sending it for repairs, and gave me another phone to use in the meantime, (Which, I am finding it a lot easier to use), so approx. 10 days and I will see what they say. The fellow thinks they will just reload the OS, and hope that fixes any future problems.