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Return to sender?

I ordered a new Google Pixel phone online and have been waiting for its delivery. I checked the status and it has been returned to sender? Canada Post didn't attempt delivery to my apartment and my full address correct according to my online account. I've never had issues receiving packages here. What happened? I'm waiting on 2 phones (one for my husband was also ordered on the same account). I see this has happened to others. Very frustrating!

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Hello Amanda,

Could you check the delivery address that was on the email you received once you completed your order, this will confirm you the delivery address for your order.

I did. The address is correct. Though it is presented oddly. It should read 344 "Street Name" Unit 2, but it reads 344 "Street Name" 2. Not sure why that would confuse Canada Post though.
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Looks like the address was properly labelled, so I would know why it was return to the sender. I would suggest you to verify with Canada Post, and also to contact the Koodo Webstore team letting them know that the return to sender wasn't done purposely, so it can be ship back to you, once they received it back.