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Retreiving my previously unlocked phone's SIM network PIN for overseas use

Hello, I'm a former Telus customer on business in Korea. I purchased my Galazy Note 3 through Telus, but then bought the remaining balance of my phone, unlocked it, and had my number ported over to Koodo. However this was all done between agents without my ever receiving an unlock code, which I now need in order to have access to the prepaid plan I have been assigned. So who do I speak to and how do I get the my unlock code so I can get past the SIM Network Unlock Pin Screen. Please help! Keeping in mind that it is not easy to call a 1 800 number or be on hold for a long time when paying for long distance.

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You would have bought the unlock code from Telus so you would have to call them. If you called Koodo they would charge you $35 to unlock it (if they are able to even do it). This will be tough since you no longer have that Telus account. You cheapest option would be to get it unlocked via ebay instead of all the overseas calls which may have mixed success.
GOTO. mobileincanada.com and get your phone unlocked.. They will charge you from 15$ to 20$