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Retain number- only review VMs

How do I retain my number and only review voice mails when living abroad for 1 year?call 

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Hi Rafi,

You would need to keep the minimal plan that offers minutes. Then you can let that sit and pay the bill monthly for the year. Make sure your voicemail system is setup, at which point you can check your voicemail from anywhere in the world by calling your number and pressing either # or *
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Port your number to a voip provider that offers Voicemail like voip.ms You can even have your voicemails emailed to you. When you come back you can port back to koodo
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Another option is to port your number to a voip service, if that is available in your area. Probably only costs $3 per month or so... Or Rogers prepaid for $100/y,they offer roaming. Edit Haha Chad typed faster 😃