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Restore service

I deactivated my phone because I thought It was lost and possibly stolen. I have since located my phone. When I try to restore service online it says I need to talk to a rep. Can you help me?

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It is correct. You have to call into Koodo to restore your service. 1 (866) 995-6636
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Having to call Koodo is for your own protection. Even though I am not a hacker, if I found an "abandoned" smartphone on a restaurant table or park bench, I am pretty sure that in most cases I could get the owner's email, phone number and contacts. I would then be in a position to use the phone to track down the owner in order to return the phone, or to do something on the dark side if I were so inclined... Best to have a copy of a recent bill in hand when you do phone.
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You don't have to call to restore service. It can be done online. I have done it several times. The only reason you are likely being asked because when your reported it (I assume online) you may have clicked on "blacklisting" the phone. And that requires a call to remove from.